NW EMEA Product Stewardship& Regulatory Affairs Manager Cancelled

Posted in: Nov 7, 2022
Job has been expired
Job Description & Specification:

The position will be split between the EMEA NW PSRA activities (70%) and the REACH and Medical device activities(30%)forall Bostik businesses(IA, C&C, NW, Ashland,…)
The EMEA NW PSRAactivitiesconsist tobe responsible for the global regulatory compliance of all products manufactured in EMEA and marketed worldwideby the BU, support theBUin the development of new products, raw materials, customers’ requirements,specific regulations,labels,SDSand regulatory labelsdevelopment.
-Two manufacturing plants in EMEA: Roosendaal and Cairo
-Sales Perimeter : Worldwide for all produced manufactured in EMEA. Additional regional support for AMASand APACproduced products which are commercialized in the EMEA.
-Interfaces:European Management Team,ProductLinemanager,R&D team,Technical Account team,Demand Generationteam,Plantsteam, Professional associations, suppliers, customers.
The REACH and Medical device activities consist for allBostik businessesto ensure REACH compliance of all products entering the EU, Turkey andEuraSEC.And to set up/ monitor the application of the Arkema Medical Devicepolicy within Bostik.
-Global manufacturing plants
-Sales Perimeter :
oREACH = All regionsthat market their products in Europe, TurkeyorEuraSEC
oMedical device = All regionsthat market their products in Europe
-Interfaces:Sales & Marketing & Business& Supply Chainmanagers, R&D team,Technical Account team,Plantsteam. 

•Responsible for the validation of new raw materials, new formulations and products
•Ensure productsconformity: creation and update of the EMEA NW safety data sheets in the languages of thecountries ofcommercialization,globalregistration, notifications, labeling…
•Contribute to the strategy with business/R&D/DAMPE according to regulations and customer requirements (choice ofraw materials, development of new products, etc.)
•Coordinate, monitor and have expertise on Ecolabels related to the hygiene market
•Contribute to the main NW meetings: SOLAR TEAM (global & EMEA), European Management Team, Global SOI team,R&D Project Review...
•Ensure the role of Global PSRA contact of key customers: Essity and Ontex
•Handlecustomer regulatory requests
•Collaborate with other regions (AMAS and APAC)
•Represents Bostik at EDANA(Professional association of suppliers and manufacturers of absorbent hygieneproducts) byparticipating in the various working groups
•Follow regulatory changes in the hygiene market in order to influence them and anticipate business impacts
REACH(Europe, Turkey, EuraSEC):
•Communicate, train and maintain a REACH culture withinBostik globally
•Ensure the management of auditable regulatory data
•REACH Europe:
oFollow, update and submitdossiers for substancesoriginatingfrom:imported raw materials, imported finishedproducts or manufactured substances
oEnsure annual reporting:communicate to Only Representatives the quantities of substances imported by Bostikover a calendar year.
oSupport businesses in marketing projects in the EU for products manufactured outside the EU: REACH assessmentsof compositions then communication of actions, costs and timing.
oEnsure REACH compliance of raw materials and finished products: validation of imported raw materials andfinished products
•REACHTurkey & EuraSEC:
oMonitor the implementation and deadlines of these new regulations
oPerform notifications and registrations of substances, with the help of local consultants,to ensure that thebusiness cancommercializeproducts in countries
oCommunicate with the business the supply chain strategy, the timing, the information requirements andbudget required.

  • English : Excellent

Job Details

Job Type:
Full Time
Salary Negotiable:
5 - 7 Years
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