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Contracts Administrator 2018-Aug-07

Riaydh , SAUDI ARABIA | Construction
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

10 -15 years

Job description :

Responsible to provide legal and technical support for procurement process by preparing procurement agreements and contracts with suppliers and/or sub-contractors. Review terms of offer, final quotations, contract documents, and other related reports to evaluate contractual requirements.
Draft Contracts
Contract Engineers draft and review contracts, often adding or changing clauses according to the specifications of stakeholders.

Handle Issues with Contracts
During each stage of development, problems with contracts can arise, and a contract engineer must be able to allay them.

Keep Records
This includes drawings, field notes, sketches, reference manuals and any other engineering materials and making sure that they are noted in the contract, and that all information is dictated.

Execute Contracts
During the development process, letters must be drafted and signed by various people including clients, subcontractors, project managers and governmental overseer
1) Receive all relevant documents from line manager such as purchase requisitions, final quotations, blanket purchase agreement, terms of offer etc to understand the contractual requirements.
2) Convert the received documents and information into sub-contract form.
3) Review and approval as per policies and procedures.
4) Prepare / modify supplier and/or sub-contractor contract draft based on final quotations, terms of offer, etc.
5) Coordinate with different officials to communicate required information related to contracts.
6) Organize client contracts as per directions of Line manager .
Perform other duties of a comparable level as assigned.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

30 -50 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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