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Inventory & Logistics Manager 2018-Aug-07

Riaydh , SAUDI ARABIA | Construction
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

10 -15 years

Job description :

Job/ Position Summary:
Responsible to direct the activities of central store and warehouse facilities to ensure effective management of inventory and store facilitates. Identify and resolve excess / shortages for materials received, determine impact on project performance, ensure timely availability of materials at project site, and/or carry out other related activities as required.
 Develop and direct the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standard for the store section.
 Monitor and manage the operations of the central store and warehouse facility which includes following up on materials shipment, arranging receiving location, receiving material issuance request, coordinating activities with onsite personnel, etc.
 Resolve issues in case or excess / shortage of materials received.
 Direct, supervise and evaluate staff, directly and/ or through multiple levels of supervision.
 Oversee reporting requirements for Store Section and ensure that procedures are being followed and assist in resolving problems which require top-level input.
 Plan, co-ordinate and monitor the store facility in the most efficient manner; ensure cost control/containment; and ensure that they meet the required obligations.
 Manage and conduct meetings with department staff to identify issues and develop suggestions for resolution to problems concerned with late shipment.
 Organize store facility to ensure all material received is arranged properly and can be used when required.
 Plan activities to provide support to project site by providing them with materials they need to perform work.
 Assign specific tasks to subordinates to ensure progress within the projected program and budgets.
 Co-coordinate the work of subordinate staff and work effectively with other departmental managers to ensure effective completion of work and achievement of departmental targets.
 Arrange activities for internal audit and physical count process to determine and resolve variances if any.
 Receive confirmed delivery reports, verify expected deliveries and direct for preparing receiving location.
 Review material voucher form, verify accuracy, and provide approval.
 Receive material transfer form, verify accuracy, and process request as per policies and procedures.
 Coordinate with material supply supervisor at project site to arrange for material issuance and material return process.
 Establish daily work programs and supervise activities of store keepers and logistics coordinator to monitor performance and progress of store facility.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

30 -50 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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