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Supply Chain Manager Background pharmaceutical and international cosmetics factories 2018-Jun-04

6th of October , EGYPT | Cosmetics
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

10 -15 years

Job description :

The supply chain Manager at XX is a key player within the manufacturing/production process. Candidate will be responsible for (and not limited to) developing strategies and execution plans to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity through the supply of raw materials, vendor selection, inventory control and distribution.
This position shall provide leadership and directions across the function of supply chain within the company – at the factory and at the office premises’
• Direct, lead and manage the activities of all functions involved in the purchasing, planning, warehousing and control of material, starting from receiving the forecast of replenishment needs, the delivery of the finished products into finished goods, the inventory till the delivery of products to customers.
• Participate in the existing and the new products’ production and material planning processes to assure the existence of the necessary supply of material (internationally and domestically) to be able to meet deadlines.
• Develop and manage the material planning process for all phases of production within the factory to reach an end product that could be delivered to the customers.
• Monitor closely the integration of the operations, the purchasing and the logistics departments together when it comes to the production, ensuring that targets are met, and Solve problems by liaising with the other staff and/or departments.
• Set a forecast plan through it s/he will be considering lead times and lags for the ordering and the shipment of the raw materials and their management process.
• Review or update the supply chain practices in accordance with the new and/or the changing governmental, political, environmental processes, standards, regulations or laws (locally and internationally).
• Support in selecting the transportation routes to maximize profitability by combining shipments or consolidating warehousing and distribution.
• Oversee and participate in designing the process of product take-back to ensure that the products are recycled, reused or responsibly disposed.
• Monitor the ways of identifying opportunities to reuse or recycle materials to minimize consumption of new raw materials, reduce wastes and can even convert waste into by-products.
• Assist, follow up and even negotiate and manage contracts with suppliers and vendors to reach the most effective and efficient raw materials needed within the production process.
• Lead the team within the sector/department to maintain excellence. Through the active participation within the recruitment, coaching, training and evaluating the performance of the team underneath his/her supervision.
• Provide verbal and written information through communication with others in an effective and concise manner.
• Participate in the automation process of the whole supply chain sector and all related departments to it, by developing, designing, selecting, testing and implementing an ERP system.
• Follow, track and closely monitor daily shipments reports, weekly orders report that includes all details related to the stock quantity, new orders and the developer of each order, shortage queries and the its analysis.
• Analyze the stock analysis report to have forecast accuracy and check the corrective actions towards it.
• Prepare and present all kinds of necessary reports that includes forecasts and inventories for reports to the company\\\'s management team, with the suitable time intervals or as needed.

1. Must Have a degree within the field of Logistic, International transport, Supply chain management, Transport management, or related field
2. Excellent organization and planning skills to prioritize work.
3. High leadership skills to motivate and lead a team.
4. Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
5. Good problem-solving and math skills.
6. High Attention to details.
7. Confidence in using computer packages such as spreadsheets and databases.
8. The ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

30 -40 years

Skills required :

computer | Expert

Languages :

English | Excellent

Benefits & allowances:



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