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Factory Manager 2017-Dec-25

Riaydh , SAUDI ARABIA | Manufacturing & Production
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

10 -15 years

Job description :

Planning, organizing, directing and managing all manufacturing and maintenance operations, and the effective use of manpower, equipment, facilities and materials in order to achieve the company\'s goals, and work to ensure that product standards through the implementation of industrialization strategies and action plans, and work to reduce costs as needed, with the need to use modern and new technologies and train workers on and to contribute to improving the product constantly in the interests and objectives of the company.
Tasks and responsibilities:
• Planning, organizing and directing the manufacturing and maintenance process to ensure that most of the actual return on assets.
• Prepare initiative plans and processes that reduce manufacturing costs and contribute to the company\\\\\\\'s interests.
• Effective use of manpower, equipment, facilities and materials.
• Achieve goals and production plan while ensuring the products that will exceed customer expectations standards.
• Work to reduce costs as needed and not detrimental to the interests and objectives of the company.
• Work on the use of advanced technologies to serve the work and the product.
• Work on improving the use of labor and work to keep it stable so as to achieve the desired yield to achieve the interests of the company.
• To give confidence to workers and their participation in the construction work and production processes.
• Maintain individual skills, encourage and work on development.
• Full knowledge requirements of clients and customers through direct contact with the sales department.
• Oversee the equipment and devices to work constantly to raise the production capacity of the factory and the development of advanced plans to increase production in accordance with the quality standards.
• Approval of purchase orders before they are submitted to the director of sales and marketing.
• Reporting and develop plans in collaboration with the team at the factory.
• Follow-up evaluation of workers performance and their achievements and raise the level of their knowledge and develop their abilities.
• Emphasis on the application and development of occupational health and safety.
• . Determine the size of the labor and employment, and to identify the needs of equipment and human resources, and predict future needs.
• Adoption of plans and programs for production, and to make sure the product meet the highest quality standards.
• Coordinate with the departments concerned to secure raw materials.
• Adopt the necessary training requirements for workers factory.
• Emphasis on the testing of the raw materials received, and to ensure compliance with specifications.
• Prepare reports and submit them to senior management.
• Receive weekly reports from all factory sections, and discussed with them, give appropriate instructions and orders and directives that will ensure the proper functioning of the factory.
• Receive monthly plans from all factory sections; give appropriate instructions and orders and directives that will ensure the proper functioning of the factory.
• Create suitable working environment for all
University degree in the field of industrial engineering or equivalent

Must not be less than 10 years of experience, and have worked in one of the Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf.

• Formulating and achieving goals.
• Effective planning.
• Extensive know-how labor laws.
• Make decisions based on facts.
• A good deal with the computer software and office equipment.
• Leadership & management skills are high.
• The ability to work under pressure.
• Coordination and distribution of burdens skills.
• predict the strength and observation skills.
• Negotiation skills in the areas of work.
• Teamwork.
• Ability to creativity and skills development.

Personal attributes:
• discipline in the appointments.
• Concentration and logical thinking.
• foul quiet and non-emotional.
• Mental and physical integrity and freedom from all diseases that affect their work.
• Tact to talk and face screen.
• Good listening and understanding and realize consciously positions and concentration.
• The ability to cope with critical situations wisely.
• Take responsibility and face the consequences of decisions consistently.
• Strength of character and composure and firmness.
• The Truthfulness and honesty

Authorities and powers
• Presidency all factory meetings.
• Supervision of all departments at the factory and to give the necessary instructions to ensure the workflow.
• Issuance of all instructions and orders the factory and to inform the director of sales and marketing them weekly reports.
• Adoption of the needs of the plant materials and working tools and equipment before they are submitted to senior management.
• Adoption of the needs of the factory of human resources.
• Adoption of the annual labor of the factory plan in collaboration with the company\'s management.
• Propose emergency needs of the human resources requests which are not included in the annual plan and submit it for direct manager.
• Approve the promotions of workers in job levels, according to a study set by the Human Resources Department.
• Bonuses in accordance with the incentives and rewards system adopted in the company.
• Approve the transfer of any worker from the factory workers or indispensable.
• Adoption of administrative sanctions and penalties and discounts for staff the plant, to be within the legal regulations set forth within the Saudi Arabian Labor system.
• Viewing factory staff complaints and suggestions on a regular basis and with the necessary guidance.
• Oversee the selection and monitoring of suppliers.
• Adoption workout raw materials, and adopted after the experimentation of production.
• Adoption of the replacement parts or buy them if they do not exist in the company\'s warehouses
• Approval of purchase orders.
• Receive weekly reports from all sections of the plant and submit it to the director of sales and marketing, and direct instructions necessary to ensure the progress of work orders.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

30 -45 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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