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Internal Auditor 2017-Nov-28

Riaydh , SAUDI ARABIA | Food & Beverages Services / Restaurants | Retail & wholesale / Showrooms | Manufacturing & Production
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

1 -2 years

Job description :

Conducts reviews of organisational and functional activities according to the audit plan and program, ensuring that satisfactory management, administrative, financial and risk controls are in place to facilitate compliance with established company policies and safeguard the assets of the company.

Key Result Activities:
Reviews new systems, manuals, software, procedures, records and management controls for their adequacy to accomplish intended objectives; alerts the Senior Internal Auditor for any exceptions.

Evaluates effectiveness of key information systems / business practices and their controls by applying knowledge of business systems and auditing techniques. Recommends improvements to ensure new initiatives achieve company objectives.

Reviews Company Functions’ compliance with established company policies and management instructions. Obtains management agreement to take corrective actions in case of any discrepancies noted.

Reports non-compliance with company policies and appraises the
adequacy of action taken by operating management to correct deficient conditions reported, usually by follow-up review.

Plans and executes audits in a professional manner, and ensures that audits arecompleted in accordance with the departmental standards and the audit programme.Documents the audit, ensuring working papers meet required standards.

Surveys functions and activities to determine the nature of operations and the adequacy of management, administrative, information and internal controls. Obtains, analyses and appraises evidential data, and uses this as the basis for an informed, objective opinion of the function’s adequacy and eff effectiveness.

Attends inventory at stores / warehouses to validate the reliability of the count process and analyses inventory variances from published inventory results.

Develops audit objectives to be agreed by the Internal Audit Manager. Decides on selection of sample size, which has a direct bearing on validity (the potential audit exceptions that may be noted subsequently and reported to the management).

Determines the adequacy or otherwise of the internal controls in the function under review and decides on the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the business practices followed by the function.

Presents findings in well-drafted and understandable reports to comment on adequacy, audit effectiveness and efficiency of systems. Explains these comments at closing conferences prior to issuing final reports.

Make oral and written presentation to management during and at the conclusion of the examination, discussing deficiencies and recommending ways to improve management controls and operating efficiency, and to reduce costs.

Decides on audit exceptions to be reported to senior management
and expresses opinion on the adequacy or efficiency of the business practices in formal audit reports.

Relevant business/accounting degree; professional accounting
qualification. (CPA, CA or CIA)

1-2 years relevant audit experience

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

20 -30 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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