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Deputy Chief Marketing Officer 2017-Nov-22

Giza , EGYPT | Manufacturing & Production
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

3 -5 years

Job description :

Deputy to CMO
Job purpose
The Deputy to the CMO will support the CMO in aligning the company with dealers and end consumer, integrate marketing with other business functions and primarily with sales, leading the group towards customer satisfaction and dealer empathy, developing business creativity and innovation, using relevant data analysis for sound decision making.
Essential functions
• Integrate clients and customer value creation, experience and satisfaction in marketing, sales, operations and overall company policies
• Develop and manage client lifecycle value effectively
• Integrate digital technology and data analysis in developing marketing efforts
• Quantify and analyse the results of marketing initiatives to improve decision making and communicate them to the organization
• Strategic marketing thinking and smart client and customer experience evaluation for sound marketing decision making and marketing planning
• Leadership in behavior transformation throughout the organization to create client and customer value creation and satisfaction.
• Understanding of effective value creation to clients and consumers incorporating digital technology and data analysis tools, and of industry and competitive insights.
• Leadership in compliance and standardization of marketing processes in resource allocation and budgeting, market segmentation and product planning, engagement planning and execution, customer acquisition and retention, promotion planning, local market activation, website management, and social media management.
Job requirements
• Master in Marketing or in Business Administration with focus on marketing.
• More than three years of marketing experience, preferably in consulting or in marketing planning.
• Strong quantitative and analytical competency
• Self-starter with excellent interpersonal communication and problem-solving

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

30 -40 years

Skills required :

computer | Professional

Languages :

English | Excellent

Benefits & allowances:



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