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Human Resource Manager 2017-Sep-10

Riaydh , SAUDI ARABIA | Human Recourses | Retail & wholesale / Showrooms
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

4 -6 years

Job description :

Apply Strategies, boards and regulations.

Archive & authenticate all employee documents and administration decisions, work procedures and submit administration services, employment facilities to serve work benefit and achieve goals.

Responsible against Executive Manager and Administration Affairs.

Tasks & Obligations:

1- Execute plans, strategies and necessary procedures for work progress in the dept. and approve it from authorized person.

2- Develop the work performance at the dept. by the guarantee efficiency in performance and accuracy in implementation and good work quality.

3- Contract district managers to follow up their need and put necessary mechanism which will guarantee the implementation of required services from the departments.

4- Prepare and follow up employment contracts, renew it & sign them by the employees.

5- Prepare administration decisions related to the employees and issue it after approved by authorized person and circulate it to the concern various aspects.

Job Requirements
1- University qualification major business administration or human resources.

2- 4-6 years experience in the field.

3- Good application on Computer.

4- Prefer who have CHRM, CHRS certificate.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

20 -45 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:


7500-7500 Saudi rial

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