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Developer Engineer 2017-Aug-24

KUWAIT | Business / Organization Development
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

3 -6 years

Job description :

Developers who, in the course of their career, become interested in
deployment and Web operations. Develop the passion for scripting and
coding, and want to move in that direction.

Job Requirements:

Must have knowledge on PHP, HTML5
Full Stack Developer (as most of our projects are developed on this stack)
Experience on Hosting Client and Internal Servers
Being comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
Audit and Manage the outsource development team to calculate hours
needed for projects and resources
Data management skills
The overall development of the Websites and App
3-6 years of experience

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

20 -45 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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