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Insurance Coordinator 2017-Aug-07

Cairo , EGYPT | Human Recourses
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

3 -5 years

Job description :

1- Complete the investigation of the new employees and review Form 1 and the insurance division on Hits program.
2- Complete the investigation of and review Form 6 on Hits program and print it.
3- Dealing with the insurance regarding to the employees insurance requirements (sick leave, medical commissions, inventory lists, extract letters .... etc.).
4- Dealing with the insurance regarding to the company\'s cars.
5- Supervision on the Insurance audit periodic reports.
6- Deliver and receipt the personnel from the insurance representative and to make a list of all queries.
7- Search for the insurance status on the insurance Screen.
8- Prepare the employee files (Code, name, job, hiring date, the insurance amounts and the insurance date in case of the difference of the hiring date).
9- Prepare the monthly checks (Link the balance for each company and calculate 1% labor office and 2.5% health insurance).
10- Review the conflicts and record it and notify the payroll accountant.
11- Prepare Forms (2).

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

25 -35 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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