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Senior Developers 2016-Dec-29

Cairo , EGYPT | Import & Export
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

5 -10 years

Job description :

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Developer

Job Objective
• Handle the development and maintenance of assigned modules, from design to unit tests, in accordance to company processes, with main objectives of quality and cost-effectiveness.
• Participate in defining the general direction taken by the development team in terms of processes, technologies, tools, etc.
Organizational Relationships
Reporting Relationships:
• Software Team Leader
Internal Communication:
• Development Team
• Test Team
• Product Team
• Quality Control
External Communication:
• Implementation teams
• Support team
• Customer/end-user
Key Responsibilities/Duties
Organizational Role:
• Report to supervisor about progress and issues
• Produce all the work artifacts required by quality procedures
• Propose improvements in work processes
• Help and guide others based on his/her own expertise and skills
Functional Role:
• Master the functional and technical needs, follow the technical trends, and propose improvements and new directions when relevant
• Analyze and evaluate tools and technologies
• Starting from requirements, design, code and unit-test the assigned modules
• Help in estimation of development cost
• Investigate, analyze, fix and document report defects
• Propose improvements in modules design and functionality
• Create, document and implement automated unit tests
• Participate in interactions with customers as a technical expert for product subsystems
• Other duties as determined by management when necessary
Key Accountabilities
• Ability to propose new ideas, processes, technologies or methods
• Understanding of the functional concepts, needs and trends
• Accuracy of needed effort estimation
• Clarity of documentation (technical and organizational)
• Quality of produced modules (free of defects, compliant to requirement/design, efficient in time and memory consumptions)
• Compliance to company processes and rules
• Cost-effective work, with delivery on time
• High quality design, ensuring high-quality results at a minimum cost
• High coverage of automated tests
• Other duties from time to time as determined by management
Job Specifications
Core Competencies/Skills & Knowledge
• Knowledge and experience in one (or more) of the following: Java, C++/C#, ASP.NET, HTML, XML and SQL
• Agile thinker that is able to assimilate complex information quickly
• Ability to work from rudimentary requirements and specifications, and translate them to technical specifications
• Logical thinking, with ability of abstraction and formalization
• Innovative
Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Programming / Software Engineer or related experience
• Experience in any healthcare sector
• Must be able to handle pressure with ease
Preferred Experience:
• Minimum 5 years in the same field

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

25 -35 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:


18000-0 Egyptian pound

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