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  1. How to change your password?
  2. How to create an Account?
  3. How to log in to your Account?
  4. How to retrieve your Password?
  5. How to update your Status?
  6. How to Add, Edit or Delete any Section on your Profile?
  7. How to Download your CV?
  8. How to send Profile to others?
  9. How to Print your Profile?
  10. How to Import your Profile Data from LinkedIn?
  11. How to view matching Jobs?
  12. How to apply for a Job?
  13. How to apply for a Job?
  14. How to search for Jobs?
  15. How to save a Search?
  16. How to save a Search?
  17. How to see “My Saved Searches”?
  18. How to see the Jobs that you applied for before?
  19. How to invite People to your Network?
  20. How to search for People to add them to your Network?
  21. How to manage your Network?
  22. How to search for Courses?
  23. How to see all available Courses?
  24. How to create your Global Username?
  25. How to manage your Profile Privacy?
  26. How to manage Connections Settings?
  27. How to integrate your Premier Status with your Facebook or Twitter Account?
  28. How to manage your Communications?
  29. How to change your password?
  30. How to manage requests?
  31. How to register as a Company?
  32. How to sign in to your Account?
  33. How to retrieve your Password?
  34. What is “Contact Person”?
  35. How to edit “Contact Person” info?
  36. How to add more Contact Persons?
  37. How to edit your Company Profile?
  38. How to change your Company’s Logo?
  39. What is “Public Profile”?
  40. How to make the Company Profile public on/off?
  41. How to post a new Job Post?
  42. How to edit a Job Post?
  43. What does Job Post Status indicate?
  44. How to change a Job Post Status?
  45. What is “Assign Holder” for a Job Post?
  46. How to view Job Post Details?
  47. What is “Auto Screening” and how it works?
  48. What is “Job Post Direct Apply”?
  49. How to see Direct Apply Candidates?
  50. How to see Online Applied Candidates?
  51. How to search for Job Seekers?
  52. How to save Searches?
  53. How to see Saved Searches?
  54. How to unlock a Profile?
  55. What are the Benefits you get when unlocking Job Seekers Profiles?
  56. How to send Messages directly to Job Seekers?
  57. How to report Profile as Spam?
  58. How to download a Job Seeker’s CV?
  59. How to print a Job Seeker’s Profile?
  60. How to assign an Interview?
  61. How to create a Test?
  62. How to assign Tests to Job Seekers?
  63. How to edit Tests?
  64. How to add Job Seekers from Search Result or Applied Online to Short-List or List?
  65. What is Job Post’s Short-list?
  66. How to create a List?
  67. What is the difference between Short-list and List?
  68. What is “Request Visa Processing”?
  69. How to request Visa Processing?
  70. How to view Visa Details for every traveling Job Seeker?
  71. How to view all Unlocked Profiles?
  72. How to charge your Account with Points?
  73. How to refund Points?
  74. How to refund Payment?
  75. How to see Premier Newspaper Ads?
  76. How to request Newspaper Ads?
  77. What is “Office Spaces”?
  78. How to reserve Office Space?
  79. How to add an Ad on Premier Website?
  80. How to order a Design for your Ad from Premier?

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