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Site Architect 2017-May-21

Giza , EGYPT | Real Estate | Investment / Investment banking
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

5 -9 years

Job description :

♦ Review all the blueprints of the project and match with workshop drawings.
♦ Pay visits construction site in order to inspect foundations, support systems and layouts
♦ Review project’s plan that ensures compatibility of technical specs and time schedule.
♦ Prepare and present feasibility reports to higher management.
♦ Set regular meetings with project members to discuss structural designs in order to ascertain load, power and structural requirements.
♦ Analyze sketches, blueprints and models for environmental, acoustic and safety issues.
♦ Check all constructed systems and deem whether it is appropriate for the respective facility or not.
♦ In case of the occurrence of any structural issue, the architect set a meeting with other stakeholders in order to find a solution.
♦ Act as a link between Project Management and Quality Control for safety compliance
♦ Ensure building compliance with government regulations and acts.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

25 -38 years

Skills required :

Microsoft Office | Professional

Languages :

English | Good

Benefits & allowances:



Allowances :

Self-Medical insurance
Family-Medical insurance

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