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English Teacher 2016-Nov-23

Giza , EGYPT | Education
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

3 -8 years

Job description :

1. Plan and implement student learning: Implement the effective planning and delivery of the curriculum within the school and departmental curriculum framework so that students learn to their maximum ability and to a high international standard.
 Maintain up to date knowledge of US trends in curriculum and instruction, including through own research.
 Contribute to annual departmental development, implementation, evaluation and revision of planned courses of student learning (both horizontally and vertically)
 Maintain up to date knowledge of subject area content
 Include in instructional planning up to date, varied instructional methods to convey content and skills in a clear, comprehensive manner and facilitate active learning, taking into account the varied learning styles, interest levels and language considerations of students.
 Contribute to the review, selection and use of instructional resources as required by the Subject Leader, utilizing fully the resources and facilities available.
 Set and communicate high expectations for all lessons, units, projects, etc and maintain a high quality of teaching to ensure maximized student learning aligned to learning objectives.
 Maintain consistency and appropriate pace in the delivery of the planned curriculum with other members of the department
 Employ strategies and interventions for students with Limited English Proficiency, mild Learning Disabilities, other Special Educational Needs and other struggling students as required.
 Ensure curricular continuity and smooth transitions for students from grade to grade, including by maintaining an awareness of the whole Elementary/Middle/High School curriculum as necessary.

2. Assess and monitor student learning and development: Regularly and effectively assess and monitor student learning and development using effective, fair, school supported methods.
 Participate in and contributed to a planned program for assessing student learning in line with departmental and school policies (formative and summative).
 Ensure students understand the criteria for achievement and how achievement is evaluated, rewarded and communicated.

 Develop and use assessment practices and tools (pre-, during learning, post) which are valid, varied, fair and aligned clearly to curricular learning objectives; use results of varied assessment to inform and guide instruction.
 Keep records of student learning up to date, accurate and accessible to interested parties according to departmental and school policies and deadlines.
 Review the progress of individuals and groups, identifying and seeking solutions to problems or inconsistencies.
 Liaise with appropriate Student Affairs Managers and/or Learning Support Services staff regarding students causing concern, acting on interventions/strategies to correct problems.
 Provide meaningful, timely, constructive feedback to students.
 Ensure that student assessment is used to inform teaching, diagnose difficulties and strengths.
 Inform the Subject Leader/Student Affairs Manager of any irregularities or inconsistencies in the level of achievement in the production/submission of student work, including incidents of cheating or lack of work, so they can be investigated and acted on.
 Follow departmental and school policies regarding the marking of student work.
 Provide break-time support to students according to departmental policies and schedules.
 Assist in the development and writing of final exams in line with departmental and school policy.
 Invigilate internal and external exams, as required.
 Use results of assessment, including internal and external (PSAT/SAT/Stanford 10), to inform instruction and curricular development.

3. Learning Environment: Maintain a positive, constructive and supportive learning environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.
 Keep a tidy and attractive learning area, including displays that demonstrate and support student learning and achievement.
 Respond positively and constructively to student questions and comments.
 Maintain a professional and positive relationship with students both inside and outside the classroom.
 Establish and maintain a classroom environment with clear routines and expectations of behavior in line with departmental and school policy.
 Make consistent use of policies and procedures for monitoring social, emotional, behavioral and academic development of students; acting on strategies/advice given when problems are encountered.

4. Professional Attributes: Maintain the professional qualities, including organization and communication, to advance student learning and to contribute actively and constructively to the school community.
 Consistently follow departmental and school policies, meeting deadlines as required by the department and the Senior Leadership Team.
 Display a professional level of organization and time usage, making use of non-contact time for review, preparation, research, student assessment and peer observation.
 Support/attend school functions and extra-curricular activities.
 Participate in and contribute to trips and extra-curricular activities that support student learning and development.
 Maintain and make use of up to date knowledge and use of ICT to assist instruction and assessment.
 Contribute to departmental and school development initiatives including through conducting research and participation on committees as needed and through setting and achieving individual and group goals.
 Serve as a role model to students in professional conduct, including through following all policies laid out in the Teacher’s Handbook and Departmental Handbook.
 Maintain open lines of communication, including checking notice-boards and email regularly (daily), attending departmental, grade level, or school-wide meetings as required both formally and informally.
 Carry out additional job responsibilities such as duties, cover supervision, parent meetings, assemblies, etc. to a high standard, maintaining order and discipline as required.
 Meet the school’s attendance and punctuality requirements.

5. Commitment to Professional Growth.
 Participate in the annual performance management process, including engaging in self-reflective practices in order to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and set goals for personal professional improvement.
 Demonstrate a commitment to personal professional growth including through active participation in departmental and school CPD opportunities and through independent study and research.
 Work within departments and with the Subject Leader or the SLT to identify improvement goals and make progress towards attaining improvement goals on an annual basis using resources and opportunities available.

6. Support of English Language Learners (for teachers of subjects where English is the medium of instruction): Promote the use of good English within individual classroom and across the school, maintaining communication between teachers and students, both in and out of the classroom, in English.
 Ensure that all communication with students and between students, oral and written, inside and outside of the classroom, is in English.
 Employ varied, active strategies within subject-area teaching to further and support students’ English language skills.
 Refer issues of language acquisition/usage to Subject Leader and relevant members of the SLT as required, collaborating with others towards reaching solutions to problems that will advance students’ English language skills.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

25 -30 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Excellent

Benefits & allowances:


0-15000 Egyptian pound

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