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Packaging Engineer - Sharkeya Plant 2016-Nov-21

Sharqia , EGYPT | Packaging / Bottling
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

2 -3 years

Job description :

•Organize and follow the production plan to provide all the required / planned products on time in full.

•Insure that all the quality parameters are met starting from the liquid till the finished goods and that any out of specification is controlled via the required actions and followed-up.

•Work hand in hand with the quality department to agree on what’s needed to meet the quality standards.

•Work in hand with the engineering departments on the line to assure the efficiency of the packaging lines.

•Manage losses and consumption of all packaging materials, including recording, analyzing and taking corrective action where required.

•Collect all the machine reports and deploy the results to have a clear image on graphs regarding the machine efficiency, breakdowns and packaging materials quality.

•Calculate & Report the defected packaging materials & all kind of losses with figures to the packaging supervisor.

•Ensure safe working area by complying with the safety regulations & standards in his/her area and to make sure that all team members are wearing the required PPE’s as well as all safety devices are functioning properly.

•Apply 5S, housekeeping standards in the packaging lines.

•Work with the TPM methodologies to minimize all types of losses ( e.g. breakdowns, minor stops, extract losses, ..etc.).

•Make sure that all operators are well trained and completely understand their machine operation concept.

•Train operators on what should be done and how (through OPLs) in order to ensure the needed flexibility.

•Motivate problem solving techniques, initiatives within his/her area’s team members.

•Share the monthly packaging losses with the packaging supervisors.

•Assure hygiene and microbiological conditions so that all areas are environmentally clean.

•Ensure the full implementation of the HACCP standards

•Control the packaging & auxiliaries materials.

•Asset in the investigation of the safety incidents / accidents as well as the customer complaints.

•Motivate his/her team members and create a healthy working environment.

•Motivate near miss & un-safe condition reporting by his/her team members.

•Report issues related to his/her area to packaging supervisor.

•Lead & participate actively in AM Teams.

•Motivate tags issuing & tags removal by operators.

•Cascade down to his/her team members the company policy, directions and strategy.

•Evaluate the performance of his/her team members through the performance evaluation process.

•Calculate & report the line performance ( OPI ) as well the line productivity.

•Ensure the efficient implementation of the CILT standards applied in his/her area.

•Ensure line process controls are monitored and that process variation is reduced.

•Make and record all the required quality checks of machines related to the quality of the product on line (e.g., EBI, Checkmat, Pasteurizer, ….etc) on time and according to the frequency stated in the sampling plan.

•Conduct and record all the required quality analysis that assures the consistency of the product quality filled (e.g., CO2, DO, PU,..etc.) on time and according to the frequency stated in the sampling plan.

Leadership Responsibilities:
•Lead by example for all operators and quality control inspectors.

•Motivate operators to achieve the company targets

•Communication skills are highly required

•Feedback & listening skills are required

Functional Authority:

•Stop the production lines in case of quality and/or safety risk

•Hold products which are out of specifications

•Disciplinary actions as required

Communication and Work Relationships

•Hand in hand with quality and maintenance engineers to assure the perfect performance of the packaging lines, mechanically and with the right quality end product.

•Coordinate with different departments (e.g. production, utilities, logistics, …etc.)

Joining the meeting held with packaging materials suppliers to explain the defects found and to share what is needed.


Education, Certifications and Licenses:

•Mechanical/ Electrical engineer with 2-3 years’ experience in production/packaging.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

25 -30 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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