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Quality Control Analyst - food industry or pharmaceuticals 2016-Aug-25

6th of October , EGYPT | FMCG
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

3 -4 years

Job description :

Summary: Briefly state the primary purpose of this position.

• Carrying out the daily/ routine and non-routine quality control activities to ensure the full implementation of the applied quality systems policies and procedures
• Test and inspect products at various stages of production process from raw material into finished one to maintain quality of products.
• Carrying out and controlling products quality, processes and facilities to conform to quality standards & adopted accredited systems applied.


• Reports to QA/QC Manager.
• Responsible for assisting his manager for all types of analysis, Quality reports with contact to other departments.

Key Responsibilities: The critical responsibilities and skills of this position. List in order of importance. Do not include anything, which is less than 5% of the job.

• Carrying out all types of analytical tests (Salt content & Moisture & refractive index & density& acidity etc. for all finish products and raw materials
• Carrying out all types of microbiological analysis (Total plate count & Yeast and Molds enumeration &Coliforms & Staphylococcus aureus & E .coli and salmonella detection, etc.)
• Carrying out a wide variety of inspections, checks, tests and sampling for the manufacturing process according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
• Prepare all types of media and chemical reagents used in microbiological and analytical work
• Sensory evaluation for all products (raw materials, intermediates and finish products)
• Carrying out calibration for all lab devices.
• Ensure the implementation of the hygiene system, validation, verification and documentation.
• Assist production and warehouse staff to implement the quality standards and QMS.
• Sampling of Raw materials and products for reanalysis at specified stages in production process, and test products for variety of qualities and food safety issues.
• Records test /analysis data, informing the concerned people with any non-conformance or out of control events to take an action.
• Investigation for any non-conformance or customer complaint to identify the root cause, corrective and preventive action.
• Evaluates data and writes reports to validate or indicate deviations from existing standards.

Key Competencies: The critical behaviors of this position. Check 3-4 of the job’s most important competencies. For competency definitions, refer to the Performance Management Process Manual, pages 11-13.
Job Knowledge 0
Problem Solving 0

Results Orientation 0
Teamwork 0

Customer Orientation 0
Interpersonal Skills/Communication 0

Leadership 0
Dealing with Change 0

Development of Subordinates 0
Business Knowledge 0

Requirements: Briefly describe the educational background, job-related experience, technical knowledge or skills necessary to perform the job.

* BSc of Microbiology and chemistry Or Agriculture Engineering or Equivalent
* 2-3 years’ experience in related field (food industry or pharmaceuticals)
* Awareness of quality and quality management systems
* Chemical or microbiological technical background
* Good user of computer
* English - Degree: very good (Spoken & written & reading)
* Good Team player, working with others
* Flexible, energetic, proactive and ambitious

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

22 -30 years

Skills required :

computer | Professional

Languages :

English | Excellent

Benefits & allowances:


8000-8500 Egyptian pound

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