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Engineering Manager 2016-Mar-10

Cairo , EGYPT | Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

7 -10 years

Job description :

General Description:

The employee sets the general policy of Engineering Department at the Company according to the strategy set by the Board, and sets the objectives and controls to be adhered for keeping the main structure of the buildings, facilities, equipment and machinery in an effective operative condition in order to support production system, product variety and effective administration of product cycle at the highest quality level, and reviews, approves and ensures maintenance schedules implementation of the equipment, machinery, buildings, utilities and other facilities in order for proper production efficiency with no breakdown.
Second: Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Sets a clear vision for Engineering Department according to the Company general strategy, which promotes manufacturing pharmaceuticals at the highest quality level and for competitive costs, and communicates such vision effectively to the staff under his/her supervision and other concerned departments;
2. Sets Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all operations of Engineering Department according to the policy adopted and different production programs;
3. Coordinates work, directs workers, handles technical problems timely, and ensures that workplace, workers and devices they use are compliant with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and are not in violation at all times, and elevates performance by setting proper strategies for promoting production plans implementation and development and for keeping up with and adopting modern developments;
4. Ensures maintenance processes and utilities operation efficiency, including water plants and networks, vapor, steam, air, air conditioning and power networks, transformers and pressure panels, which helps production and lab process as per continuous good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and other official registrations;
5. Reviews maintenance schedules within mechanics, electricity and automotives workshop, central and other workshops, and sets systems that ensures regular follow-up of such schedules with no obstacles or downtime and ensures periodical and urgent maintenance performance and accurate implementation;
6. Coordinates with concern department head in production and quality for implementing necessary maintenance for production machinery and equipment and lab and measurement devices without effecting production and efficiency;
7. Allocates resources according to the adopted budget, and adopts innovative ideas, and demonstrates ability to apply them in order for promoting the performance of the Company facilities and maintenance workers;
8. Contributes with the Company leaders to setting and applying an integrated strategy for production, research, control and marketing, which leads to increasing improvement and raising adequacy and performance levels and production and sales levels;
9. Contributes with the other concerned departments in selecting and determining the proper supply resources of equipment, machinery and spare parts upon purchase for the first time, renewals and replacements, using experience in transactions with such resources, and follows up updates in his/her area within the limits of the approved budget;
10. Builds and maintains strong relations with official and unofficial systems within or outside the Company, and promotes such systems and relations for obtaining critical information and achieving objectives;
11. Adopts individual and group development by setting and arranging tasks, official training and other experience field, and prepare the others for taking new or additional responsibilities, and participates in selecting personnel and develops their talents for achieving competitive excellence, and drives leadership development;
12. Adopts and discusses workers appraisals, and ensures their credibility, and bridge required experience, and proposes training plans for certain programs and for On the Job Training (OJT) in order to enable cadres to assume future responsibilities; and
13. Performs other duties within his/her job responsibilities.
Third: Requirements:
14. Bachelor of engineering and extended experience in this work area and supervision. Higher qualifications are preferable;
15. Successful leadership for critical phases of management plan implementation for installing production lines or making any modification for increasing production quality, and extended experience in applying potentials, facilities and modern technologies through phases of manufacturing and updating;
16. Ability to supervise more than on duty at the same time and to respond to maintenance requirements for production accurately and rapidly with no downtime;
17. Ability to design periodical maintenance and to supervise the team responsible for implementation and problem solving is they exist;
18. Extended experience in forming cooperating work groups and in organizing effectively in order to achieve objectives;
19. Evidenced experience in selecting personnel with talents, in their development and in assigning them main roles for organization;
20. Ability to keep up with updates and to absorb the latest scientific and leadership methods in the work area and performance conduct, and transfer knowledge and skills to the others;
21. Understand technical and legal needs, necessities and requirements for utility maintenance and operation as required by cGMP.
22. Full awareness of setting budgets, accounting principles and expenses control;
23. Knowledge of laws, regulations, systems and scientific and technical management methods that control work;
24. Honesty and transparency in communication and transacting with the others, and maintaining data and information confidentiality; and
25. Full knowledge of using computer and applications in the work area

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

40 -50 years

Skills required :


Languages :

English | Very good

Benefits & allowances:



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