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Marketing Manager 2016-Jan-28

Cairo , EGYPT | Retail & wholesale / Showrooms
Job type:

Full time

Experience :

5 -8 years

Job description :

• Responsible for the implementation of the marketing strategy and policy formulated by the related the company.
• Produces an annual marketing action plan with realistic targets, budgets, controls, and contingency plans in alignment with the strategy, market share and budget.
• Cascade Marketing Strategies into tactical action plan to counter competition in the market.
• Ensures that the marketing & sales team puts a sound plan against the agreed strategies and deliver on them.
• Manages strategic marketing projects to exploit new opportunities (product and channel related) thorough the innovation funnel process.
• Manages the development and implementation of individual brand strategies, setting marketing plans and targets for each brand in the product portfolio in order to ensure brand value is built and maintained.
• Evaluates performance of agencies and communication channels and takes corrective action to maximum return on advertisement spend.
• Trade & consumer Promotional mix strategy formulation and implementation.
• Develops channel strategy for product range which determines appropriate positioning and supports new product launch.
• Uses market and competitor intelligence to monitor customer and competitor behavior and build into revised category plans.
• Outsource & brief suppliers and advertising agencies for major campaigns and sponsorships.
• Monitors performance within category against the pre-set plans and takes corrective action as appropriate.
• Develops BTL marketing support activities that insure better shelf off-take and to achieve shelf availability & visibility goals.
• Supervise the sales and achieve sales targets, distribution and supply and quality through sales team effective and influential and have cycle effectively if presence of effective communication between the parties, and be a catalyst among team members in order to achieve goals, achieve discipline among team members, and ensure efficiency in personnel work style.

Candidate information:

Gender :


Age :

35 -40 years

Skills required :

Leadership | Professional
Analytical Skills | Professional

Languages :

English | Excellent

Benefits & allowances:



Allowances :

Self-Medical insurance

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